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Outside Revival

We had a wonderful time and the weather was not too bad.  In fact, it cooled off nicely around starting time.  We want to thank our dynamic, Pleasant Grove preachers who ministered each night.  Special thanks and tremendous blessings to:  Bishop Milton Spears – Springs Fellowship Church; Pastor Adetutu Adedoyin – Inspired Vision Church; Pastor Ricardo Peña – Iglesia Avivamiento Cristiano; Pastor Keigh Lough – King of Glory Assembly of God; and Bishop J. Lee Slater – New Millennium Bible Fellowship.

Men’s Breakfast & Baseball

On Saturday May 26th, the Men of Greater St. James hosted an all-day event, starting out with an all-you-can-eat breakfast.  They were served a full, enriching breakfast with the works, including steak and gravy!  After filling their physical bodies, they were fed the word.  In an all-male environment,  men and boys prayed for the Church Universal, marriages, children, siblings, mothers and fathers, the government, finances, faith, and forgiveness.  The women were invited and traveled together to the Texas Ranger Baseball game.  Another hot day in Texas, but lots of fun!  By the way . . . the Rangers won!!!

Wednesdays Weekly WMS Distribution

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2017 Family & Friends

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140th Church Anniversary

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