If you are looking for a field of opportunities to serve, Greater St. James Temple is the place to be!  We must avoid becoming so absorbed in accumulating material possessions and financial resources that we ignore the work of God.  We believe privilege and responsibility are two sides to the same coin.  No matter what our degree of knowledge and skills are, we must thank God for His goodness.  Then, we must use what He has given us in faithful service to Him!  Here at Greater St. James Temple, we have several auxiliaries in which you can serve or be served.  First of all, you don’t have to do anything but join our church and you will automatically be a part of the laity of the church.  However, if you want to be even more involved, you might consider joining the Lay Organization.  If you enjoy singing, you might consider joining the BMW Male Chorus, the Chancel Choir, or the Youth Choir.  If you have a heart for mission work, we invite you to join our Women’s Missionary Society.  You are also invited to serve on our Usher Board.  Remember, God is ready to employ all of us in the work of His kingdom!


All rehearsals are at 7 pm on the Thursday preceding the Sunday in which the organization will sing, with the exception of the Youth Choir.  The Youth Choir will practice on the Saturday morning before the second Sunday. The rehearsal time will be determined by the Director.

The Thursday before the:
1st Sunday – Chancel Choir  *  2nd Sunday (no practice on Thursday; Youth will practice on Saturday)  *  3rd Sunday – Combined Choir  *  4th Sunday – BMW Male Chorus  *  5th Sunday – Women’s Choir